Euryece Telecom

Information and communication systems engineering company specialized in critical environments.


Euryece Telecom (ET) simplifies Information and Communication Technologies provisioning and use by offering end to end Information Life-cycle Management services.

By inventorying, measuring and reporting your systems and infrastructures, we help you to identify capabilities, limitations and problems.


By determining your priorities and defining your needs, we help you to define optimal multi-criteria strategies and to select the best solution for your environment.


By developing missing hardware and software for your projects, we adapt and build customized systems for your needs.


By procuring, installing and configuring information and telecommunication systems, we help you to setup and use new technologies.

Test & Validation

By performing functional and technical tests, we ensure compliance and quality of solutions. We help you to achieve expected SLA and QoS.


By sharing our knowledge on use, administration and development, we help you to handle the complexity of technologies.


By analysing your systems and replying to your questions, we help you to use efficiently our solutions while managing incidents.


By maintaining systems (components replacement, updates, ...), we help you to manage operational readiness of solutions.


By taking care of obsolescence and refurbishment, we help you to reuse, transform and/or dismantle your old material.

We are used to work in environments with stricts standards (PCI-DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ECSS, ...)


Over the environments, we have gained an excellent know-how on following technologies (non-exhaustive list).


Analogue: Kicad, Orcad
Hyper-frequencies: ADS
Digital: Quartus, OpenRISC, Leon


Languages: C, C++, VHDL, PHP, HTML, SQL, Bash, Java, Python, Javascript
Modeling: UML
IDE: Eclipse, Geany, Visual Studio


Simulation: Matlab, Scilab, Octave
Signal processing: GNURadio,
Link budgets: STK


Euryece Telecom Research and Development team is working on next generation of communication systems.


Infrastructures to build-up from scratch and host an Highly Available and Scalable Information System in almost any kind of environment.
Keep control on your services and data!


Open-Source Space Communication System based on Consultative Committee for Space Data System Standards (CCSDS).
Choose compatibility and upgradability!


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Customer Catchment Area

We can intervene worldwide. We are currently focusing our activities in West Europe.


16 Place du Général de Gaulle
59 000 Lille

About Euryece Telecom

On Earth and Space...

Logo Euryece Telecom

... where failure is not an option


Euryece Telecom mission is to develop and operate a global scale information system, self-sufficient and environmental-friendly, available and accessible to everyone, suited to geographical situations, knowledge level, financial and physical abilities of customers.

The company has a pro-active position in solving information and telecommunication tools problems: premature obsolescence, usage complexity, over-choice, recycling difficulties, material toxicity, prohibitive access costs, energetic dependency, electromagnetic waves health impacts, ...

About Euryece

Euryece, french adjective coming from Greek "eurus" (large) and "oikos" (habitation place), characterize species having a large ecological valence, meanings that they are capable to support important variations in their environments.

Research and Development

Euryece Telecom research activities target primarily network access, space and defense communications, security and collaboration. By sharing knowledge and proposing parsimonious designs, its goal is to increase sensitive as critical data protection as well as its secrecy.


Quality: supply services and solutions faultless,
Innovation: create solutions suited to needs,
Transparency: provide visibility to our partners,
Collaboration: work with known experts,
Flexibility: adapt to customers constraints.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy: respect and protection of environment (definition, evaluation and cost-internalization of impacts),
Intellectual Property Policy: protection of innovations through open innovation strategies to maximize projects added value,
Long Term Activities Policy: transfer of technologies as methodologies between space and earth industries to create sustainable solutions with high performances, flexibility, reliability and innovations.

Legal information

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Euryece Telecom thanks all people and organizations sharing their work and apologize for any possible mistake or oversight. Please, contact us if you recognize your work and don't find yourself on this page.

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